Tom Saide – Business Development Manager

Tom Saide is the new Business Development Manager for Coorparoo Aged Care. Tom joins us from an aged care in Newcastle.
With over 20 years’ experience in senior management positions in aged care, Tom has extensive business development experience including planning strategic directions, development and expansion of services and managing organisational change. We are very excited to have Tom on board.

Debbie McPhee – Facility Manager

Debbie McPhee is Coorparoo Aged Care’s new Facility Manager. In the last 15 years, Debbie has been fulfilling her passion for aged care by using her extensive experience directing and managing the provision of nursing care services to aged clients in both community and residential settings.
She used her knowledge and skills to successfully lead the setting up and commissioning of three new aged care facilities in north Queensland. In her previous role as Facility Manager, Debbie has led the delivery of patient care and nursing services to achieve/exceed quality clinical standards and performance measures in aged care homes in southern Queensland.
We are very excited to have Debbie as part of the team.

Our Home Construction Update

At this stage, construction works have seen all building structures completed, with doors and cabinetry installed in most areas. This is starting to make the building feel more like a home with room after room heading towards completion.
Tiling and plumbing connection points are in place and surfaces are now being prepared for painting and decorating as the team work their way through the building.
We are looking forward to carpets and flooring being laid and all the furniture, fittings and equipment being installed as well as the connection of phones and electrical works.