Companionship at Coorparoo

At Coorparoo Aged Care, we love animals. We welcome pets into our home as it helps residents with their mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety, helps to combat loneliness and brings a lot of joy.

Coorparoo Aged Care Facility Manager, Debbie McPhee, brings in her Pembroke Corgi, Gus, to the home daily. Gus has grown up coming to work at Coorparoo with Debbie every day and knows all the residents very well. He even accompanies Debbie on tours for prospective residents helping to show them around the home.

Pets are a valuable asset to our Coorparoo community and many residents have to leave pets at home when they enter aged care which is why we encourage families of residents to bring them into the home to visit residents.

For Coorparoo Aged Care resident, Maya, her love for pets was a large consideration for her when she moved to Coorparoo. ‘I have had a lot of pets and have loved them all. My last dog was a mixed breed with some Bull Terrier in her. Her name was Shane,’ says Maya.

Maya lived in Indonesia for a period of time throughout her life and says that while she lived there, her dogs had to have regular rabies injections.

When asked what she likes most about being able to have pets visit her at the home, Maya replies, ‘I love it when the dogs come to visit. It reminds me of my own many years ago and the joy I got from them.’

‘My own dog can no longer come in (she is looked after by friends who don’t live close) so the next best thing is Gus coming to see me,’ says Maya.