Aged Care Employee Day 2023

On this special occasion of Aged Care Employee Day, we celebrate Australia’s residential, home and community aged care workers. This year’s theme #ThanksForCaring recognises everyone involved in caring for older Australians. This year, we asked our wonderful Personal Care Assistant, Tashi Dema, to share her aged care journey and what working at Coorparoo Aged Care means to her.

Why did you want to pursue a career in aged care?

I have always wanted to be around elderly people and help them to live their best life. I find it very rewarding to work as an aged care assistant. I moved from my country Bhutan in 2022 to find a better life. I was lucky to get a job in the housekeeping department of Coorparoo Aged Care and while I worked and studied a Certificate III in Aged Care. I was lucky to do my placement at Coorparoo and was then offered a job as a Personal Care worker.

What do you like most about your role and working at Coorparoo?

I like the opportunity to build relationships with the residents and provide companionship, support and assistance to those who may be vulnerable and in need of the extra care I can provide for them.

What is most challenging about working in aged care?

The most challenging aspect of the job is managing the emotional toll that comes with witnessing the decline or loss of independence and mobility of the residents. It can be challenging to see people you have formed a connection with struggle with their health and pass away.

What is a special memory you have from working at Coorparoo?

Meeting and connecting with residents from varied walks of life and sharing conversations, laughs and moments of personal connections.