Combatting loneliness

Loneliness in older adults is not only socially isolating but can also have a serious effect on health. Did you know that social isolation is associated with  an approximately 50% increased risk of dementia and other medical conditions?

It’s important to realise that loneliness impacts everyone at some stage in their lives, no matter the age. Many seniors don’t realise how lonely they are until their circumstances change and they enter a warm and welcoming community such as Coorparoo Aged Care.

For resident, Heather, living at Coorparoo Aged Care has meant she has overcome that feeling of loneliness and she finds herself being more social than she ever was at home. With no time to be bored, Heather’s active life helps to keep her connected to our internal and external Coorparoo community.

Continue reading her story below to see how living at Coorparoo Aged Care has enriched her life.

What do you enjoy most about living at Coorparoo Aged Care?

I was living on my own before coming to Coorparoo Aged Care and was independent enough to still be able to drive. I was not coping well at on my own at home, especially preparing meals for myself, so I really enjoy not having to do this anymore.

I enjoy the company and participating in the activities and exercises, and I am still able to go out with my friends and family when I want to.

Have you felt less lonely since moving into the community?

I was very social before I came here, and I am also very happy and content here at Coorparoo. I do sometimes feel lonely, but staff are very accommodating and willing to talk to me at any time.

Has living at Coorparoo Aged Care helped increase your socialisation? Have you made some friends since moving in?

It’s about the same. I have made friends with people on my level and interact with residents from other levels too. I like that I am encouraged to attend activities and social events and have also attended the takeaway evenings with other residents on the rooftop which I enjoy.

Do you have a special memory from when you first arrived at Coorparoo and what it was that made you feel welcomed?

Not really except for the caring staff showing me around and looking after me in my room. It was good to be included into the community here the moment I stepped in the door.

How does Coorparoo Aged Care keep you connected to your family or loved ones?

The team are very good at keeping us protected and safe from COVID. My family were kept up to date about the COVID status of the home very frequently which made it easier for them to know we were safe.