A love you can bank on

Bob and Lyn Reading first met at the Wharf Street ANZ branch where they both worked for a number of years. They later resigned from working in the bank, then owned and ran three news agencies over 25 years. ‘We worked long hours and hard but worked together’ they said. ‘We created a stable loving family and make a good team.’

Bob and Lyn are very family oriented and spoke very fondly of their family. When asked who the greatest loves of their lives were, Bob said his grandchildren, whilst Lyn said that Bob is the greatest love of her life. ‘Thanks to my wife, I have a lovely family,’ said Bob. The couple will celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary in March 2023.

When asked how they shape who each other are today, they replied, ‘We have always had mutual ambitions, qualities and way of life. We communicate with, respect, and support each other. These have been the things that have built our marriage and family. We have a great family support network.’ Lyn and Bob have one son who lives in Brisbane with his family, and their other son lives in London with his family but will come out to Australia to visit them soon.

Bob and Lyn are both residents at Coorparoo. Lyn lives at The Village and Bob lives at Coorparoo Aged Care which allows them to spend lots of time together.

‘We have been lucky enough to have lots of nice trips and been able to travel. But the best thing we did was move to The Village at Coorparoo.’